Fernando de Noronha  


(Praia do Boldró)


Explore an untouched paradise

The Archipelago is situated about 350km off the coast of northeast Brazil and is not bigger than 26km. Its infrastructure is well developed, including an airport, harbor, a desalination plant and "Highway Nr.363" that allows us quickly get from one end to another. Around half of the total area is a protected national park but can be visited by hiring a local guide. 


How to get there

Airports with international flights nearest to the island are Guarapes International Airport in Recife and Augusto Severo International Airport in Natal. From these two cities, you can fly to Fernando de Noronha Airport.

You can also arrive there by cruise ship. If you choose sailboats or personal boats it is necessary to carry documentation, authorization, and to pay an anchoring fee. 


How to get around 

A fun and common way is the rental of a buggy. Besides this, you may also opt for a regular car (4x4), motorcycle or bicycle. However, to really experience the island´s beauty, hiking is the recommended way to enjoy the marine park and its beaches.


What to do

The island´s main attraction is the surrounding ocean. Its waters are crystal clear and full of high sea maritime life that is hardly found anywhere else. Coral reefs are still intact, fishes, dolphins, sharks (the tame ones) and rays are plentiful and it does not need a lot of luck to spot them scuba diving. Fernando de Noronha has been repeatedly voted into the worlds top 5 scuba diving destinations for a reason. If scuba diving is not your thing, boats take you around the island, allowing you to marvel its picturesque rocks and beaches or just leave you snorkeling. Some beaches like Praia da Biboca or Praia da Conceição also offer world-class surfing. High sea fishing is also available through companies like Big Fish who can take you to quickly to spots where you have a real chance to catch even catch a Blue Marlin. Besides the plentiful options of watersports, the island possesses plenty of hiking trails of all lengths and difficulties. 


Where to stay

You may choose between over 200 Pousadas (family run hotels). They usually provide you with all the luxury you would expect, like AC, pool and sometimes SPA´s. During our research, we liked the most Pousada Maravilha, Pousada Morena and Teju-Açu Ecopousada.


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