• Every journey begins with a first step. 

    Send us an eMail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call / skype through the contact-page.

    We are curious to hear what you have in mind !

  • Hiking advenures ? Honey Moon ? Company trip ? Scuba Diving ?

    We want to know everything !

    Which regions are you interested in ? Have a look at our destinations for inspiration.

    Which activities would you like to do there ? Check out some ideas.

    How would you like to get around ? Plane ? Jeep ? Rental Car ? Boat ? Horse ? 

    Anticipation is half the fun and now is the time to sit with us and create a rough guide in regard to those and many other important questions like visa regulations and vaccines.

    We only focus on one trip at a time to provide you with the maximum attention and the same guide who plans your trip will be scouting and guiding it. This is quite unique and means you have a contact (friend?) in Brazil who is 100% dedicated to your trip alone. No matter how long it takes, we are available through all means of communication until your last question is answered and every detail is communicated. 

    Extensive planning and availability are included in our guide rates. 

  • Viajah is a tour operator. We customize your trip the way you like and charge an industry-standard markup of 20-25% over the supplier´s price.

    A quote will be done as soon as all travel-decisions are made. The quote (if needed including route work and necessary traveling) is free of charge unless the trip gets canceled. For this reason 200USD + Pre-trip expenses if necessary and if agreed on will be charged beforehand.

    The planning includes:

    • comprehensive planning according to your needs and desires
    • a direct line to us allowing you to clear any questions and discuss any detail of the trip whenever you like
    • the service of us traveling to each region of your trip beforehand in order to scout for special requests
    • joining you on trip and making sure everything runs as seamless as planned

    It is up to you how many guides you like on trip. However if your group is bigger than 10 people, we require you to hire a second guide for 200$/ daily fee to ensure quality.

    Read about payment methods in our FAQ.

    Your trip expenses

    Accommodations & Flights

    Being the cornerstones of almost any trip, those should be booked with priority. Once regions, dates and accommodation-style are clear, we will be offering you the best options for both and either assist you with booking or doing it on your behalf. 

    Meals, Activities etc...

    According to your budget and wishes, we will compile you a list with expected expenses. You have the choice:

    • Be in control and pay suppliers directly with or without our assistance
    • Allow us to manage your budget

    For most scenarios we recommend a mix of both, meaning fixed expenses (local guides, activities etc) are paid through us, whereas meals and drinks are paid for directly.

  • Every trip is different

    A proper trip needs proper preparation. While we have propably been before in your favorite region, we might have focused on an different aspect there. For this reason, no matter which region(s) you choose - we will go there next  in order get you exactly what YOU want.

    We will:

    • find out about local events
    • pick the best rooms of the hotel
    • scout local restaurants, get us the best reservations, maybe organize an event
    • arrange the best local operator for our activities
    • create our own routes for biking & hiking if necessary
    • arrange local transport
    • find local experts regarding your interest
    • familiarize ourselfes with the local health & rescue infrastructure

    As a result, our trip will run seamless because

    • we spoke to the kitchen chef about your allergies in person and hand picked the best tables, instead of making a reservation cal
    • we had a good chat with the local guide in your language to ensure his proficency
    • we gave clear instructions to drivers
    • we have done the routes beforehand in case of hiking & biking trips
    • visited the local hospital to ensure quick response time

    Being in region allows us to quickly give you feedback about any aspect and include you in the decision making process.

    Our choices will be made based on your input, your budget and our good judgment.

  • The final step

    Almost done! Everything has been checked, reserved, booked and considered.

    You will get a detailed itinerary of your trip including a detailed list of expected costs you have agreed on.

    Last chance for minor changes and last minute weather considerations, but mostly it´s time to get excited !

  • Finally !

    Your plane has landed, and not only will we be given the pleasure to finally meet you in person - 

    we are excited to share our upcoming adventure with you and be able to show you Brazil´s sunniest side.